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Friday, February 13, 2009

Stackoverflow and SOLID Principles

I'm still shocked at how the entire Robert Martin (aka Uncle Bob) fiasco has turned out on the stackoverflow podcast.

And, I'm not sure this episode #41 has changed anything.

I've been programming for 6 years. With each new project I work on, I strive to improve my code just a little bit more than the previous project.

I'm not saying that I only write code that follows things like the SOLID principles. I'm saying that do try to think about ideas like this (and many other ideas) while I write my code.

Maybe I heard it incorrectly, but both Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood still seemed to think the SOLID principles were a waste of time.

I think this was more confusing than helpful to the programming community.

The idea that there is a set of engineering principles that I can incorporate into my code is invaluable to me.

Everyone that listened to the stackoverflow podcast #38 and #41 should at least listen to the hanselminutes episode with Bob Martin, and go read about the SOLID principles, and then just think about them next time you write some code.

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