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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thoughts on the SOLID and some goals

Wow, there has now been four podcasts regarding the SOLID principles and I enjoyed listening to them all. It was especially fun to here all the controversey. I was pleasantly surprised to here Uncle Bob was back on Hanselminutes.

Here is what I personally took away from the SOLID princples:
  • SOLID principles are all about decoupling your code.  
  • Decoupling your code helps you write good unit tests. 
  • Unit tests and (if you're up to it, TDD) are great ways to have quality software.  
All this has me thinking a lot about the quality of my code. (ie. testability, how decoupled it is etc) I'm am now trying to use the SOLID principles as a guideline to help me write better code.

This has been very enlightening and has pretty much changed the way I picture what good code should be.

Uncle Bob posted a Getting Started post on his blog. So here are my goals:
  • Focus on when I should be using SOLID in my own code.
  • Trying to make it up to Portland, OR for a PADNUG meeting
  • Practice, practice, practice and make a lot of mistakes.
I also am starting to read some of Robert Martin's books. I started with Clean Code, I hope to talk more about this topic later on.

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