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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Comparison<T> and IComparable<T> vs LINQ

Sorting Before LINQ:

  • Implement IComparable<T> so you can use the default sort.
  • Add a few Comparision<T> delegates so I could sort other ways
public class DrawDown : IComparable<T> : IComparable<T>
public static Comparison<DrawDown> DateComparison = delegate(DrawDown field1, DrawDown field2) { }
public static Comparison<DrawDown> ValueComparison = delegate(DrawDown field1, DrawDown field2) { }
public int CompareTo(DrawDown other) {}

And sort like this:

var list = new List<DrawDown>();

Sorting with LINQ:

var list = new List<DrawDown>();

Basically, I use LINQ more then anything else in the .NET framework.  It really does save hours of writing boring “sort” code.

NOTE: I am working on getting better syntax highlighting in my blog.  Live Writer  is not working out at all.

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