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Sunday, February 15, 2009

.NET Developer Stereo Types

If I told a non-windows developer that I'm a .NET developer, I'm pretty sure they would label me as "Mort programmer" , even though they have no clue who Mort is.  

This disturbs me greatly.  How can I tell people I'm a .NET developer and not be ashamed for saying so?  

I can't just say, "Hey, I'm a .NET developer, but don't worry, I'm an Einstein, so please don't think I'm a Mort." They wouldn't know what I was talking about?  (Most likely they would think I was some kind of pompous ass)  

It doesn't help that I don't personally know any .NET programmers.  The programmers I do know are all non-windows developers.

I also agree with a lot of Alt.Netters that many of Microsoft's tools promtote bad software design.  (Specifically, code that is not testable and  hard to refactor.   )

I guess I can start adopting better tools (like NHibernate and MVC framework),  but this apparent stigma of being a .NET developer has pushed me to start seriously thinking about my choice to continue being a .NET developer.

I used to develop a lot of line-of-business apps and this is why I moved to .NET 3 years ago.  Over that past year, I have spent more time building public facing websites than anything else, and I'm not sure that ASP.NET is ideal tool for this.

Before doing anything rash, I'm trying to reach out to other .NET developers and get some perspective.  But in the mean time, I can't stop thinking that going back to my open source roots is looking more attractive.

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