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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Unplugging from the borg

I feel like my life as a .NET programmer could be coming to an end. Over the next year I probably won't be starting my own new projects in .NET.

I can't tell if I just get bored of a "stack" every three years or I am truly wanting to switch again for a "better" way. Back in 2005, I felt isolated using LAMP and yearned for the apparent community of .NET. Four years later, I'm tired of the culture of .NET and the type of apps that get built. The breaking point has been the newly found group of soggy programmers (which are mostly non-microsoft people).

All of the sudden I find myself seriously playing with the idea of building a iPhone app and using google app engine (python) for the server side. I'm still in research mode, but of all my options, this is what want to do most.

In all fairness, I wanted to make an iPhone since the day the SDK was released. I even bought a mac mini about 7 months ago.

I'm plodding along each day wondering what I'll do next. I have spent the last three weeks on my mac mini and I'm loving the change of scenery (from working on windows).

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